Your text here   Please note that an entry indicating a suspension or revocation MAY merely reflect that a licensee has elected not to renew the license. If you are concerned about the meaning of a particular entry or the reason why a licensee is in suspended or revoked status please contact the Division at


  • Prior to March 1, 2007, not all course providers submitted their rosters electronically and therefore those courses may not be on this list.
  • Courses listed may have been used to fulfill a previous CE Reporting Cycle. Credit for CE Courses may be used ONLY Once! Please be sure you have not already used any listed course in a previous reporting cycle.
  • The Division will accept certificates for approved courses not on the list that were not previously submitted for CE credit. When submitting continuing education to the Division, please include the certificates totaling the 30 hours that you want applied to your current deadline.
  • By law, CE providers have 10 days to complete the Course Rosters Entry. If more than 10 days have passed since taking your CE course, contact the provider directly. Only the Provider may post the roster.
  • Distance Education Courses are assigned a generic date of either 1/1 or 12/31.
  • Please be aware that the Sales or Broker 10-Hour Post-Licensure Courses CANNOT be used to fulfill ANY OF YOUR THREE-YEAR Continuing Education Requirements. Proof of attendance of the post-licensure course must be submitted to the division within 12 months of initial licensure to avoid suspension.

A license status of revoked does not necessarily mean that the license was revoked due to disciplinary action. Please call the Division for further details if needed.


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Name and Address
Name and Address
Charles D Patterson II COLUMBUS, OH 43204 FranklinCOLUMBUS, OH 43204 Franklin

License Information
License Information
*USPAP Due pertains to Appraiser licenses only.
*Post Licensure Due and Post Licensure Received pertains to Real Estate sales and broker licenses only.
LicenseLicense TypeFirst IssuanceLast License IssuedEffective DateExpiration DateStatusStatus ReasonCE Due*USPAP DUE*Post Licensure Due*Post Licensure Received
SAL.2003016205Real Estate Salesperson10/08/200307/29/201307/25/201607/24/2019ACTIVENORMAL07/24/2019 10/08/200410/07/2004

Supervisor Information
Supervised By
Employer File NumberEmployer StatusEmployer NameEmployer Doing Business AsEffective DateExpiration Date
REC.0000201285ACTIVESaxton Real Estate Co. 07/01/201706/30/2018

Continuing Education
Courses Completed
Course NameCourse NumberCourse HoursCourse TimeCourse DateProviderStatus
Listing Agreements913602611E 153.0009:0001/01/2016McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
A Day in the Life of a Buyer Agent913602811E 163.0009:0001/01/2016McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
A New Look at Contract Law913601908E 153.0009:0001/01/2016McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Americans with Disabilities Act ADA913604601E 162.5009:0001/01/2016McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Current Core Laws in Ohio913600610D 143.0009:0001/01/2016McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Fair Housing913602511G 154.0009:0001/01/2016McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Give Your Clients the Green Light: Simple Ways to Green a Home913600912E 153.0009:0001/01/2016McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Ohio Civil Rights913600305G 143.0009:0001/01/2016McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Ohio Ethics: Canons and Code Together913603111C 163.0009:0001/01/2016McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule913601808E 152.5009:0001/01/2016McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Fair Housing: Removing Barriers to Home Ownership103503706G 153.0009:0007/15/2015Columbus Association of RealtorsActive
A Day in the Life of a Buyer Agent913307306E 133.0009:0001/01/2013McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Core Laws in Ohio913303801D 113.0009:0001/01/2013McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Listing Agreements913305810E 133.0009:0001/01/2013McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Property Condition Disclosure913305710E 132.0009:0001/01/2013McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Fair Housing913304512G 124.00 01/01/2013McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Short Sales913305610E 133.00 01/01/2013McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Construction Details & Trends913305910E 136.00 01/01/2013McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Civil Rights in Ohio913303701G 113.00 01/01/2013McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Ohio Ethics: Canons and Code Together913303901C 113.00 01/01/2013McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Construction Details & Trends913000401E 106.0009:0001/01/2010McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Environmental Pollution: Mold and Air Quality913000911E 082.0009:0001/01/2010McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Principles of Finance and the Mortgage Market913007601E 102.0009:0001/01/2010McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
RESPA913001801E 082.0009:0001/01/2010McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Short Sales913007001E 103.0009:0001/01/2010McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Closing Procedures & Settlements913006511E 096.0009:0001/01/2010McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Ohio Civil Rights913005202G 093.0009:0001/01/2010McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Ohio Core Law913001101D 103.0009:0001/01/2010McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Ohio Ethics: Canons & Code Together913001201C 103.0009:0001/01/2010McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Tax Advantages of Home Ownership913701704E 072.0009:0001/01/2007McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Construction Details & Trends913700411E 066.0009:0001/01/2007McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Environmental Pollution and Mold913700911E 062.0009:0001/01/2007McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Fair Housing913700711G 064.0009:0001/01/2007McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Loan Types and Instruments of Finance913701404E 073.0009:0001/01/2007McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Ohio Core Law913701111D 063.0009:0001/01/2007McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Ohio Ethics: Canons & Code Together913701211C 063.0009:0001/01/2007McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Principles of Finance and the Mortgage Market913701604E 072.0009:0001/01/2007McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
RE Title Insurance: Current Issues913701304E 072.0009:0001/01/2007McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Risk Management913700611E 064.0009:0001/01/2007McKissock, LLC (Online)Active

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