Your text here   Please note that an entry indicating a suspension or revocation MAY merely reflect that a licensee has elected not to renew the license. If you are concerned about the meaning of a particular entry or the reason why a licensee is in suspended or revoked status please contact the Division at


  • Prior to March 1, 2007, not all course providers submitted their rosters electronically and therefore those courses may not be on this list.
  • Courses listed may have been used to fulfill a previous CE Reporting Cycle. Credit for CE Courses may be used ONLY Once! Please be sure you have not already used any listed course in a previous reporting cycle.
  • The Division will accept certificates for approved courses not on the list that were not previously submitted for CE credit. When submitting continuing education to the Division, please include the certificates totaling the 30 hours that you want applied to your current deadline.
  • By law, CE providers have 10 days to complete the Course Rosters Entry. If more than 10 days have passed since taking your CE course, contact the provider directly. Only the Provider may post the roster.
  • Distance Education Courses are assigned a generic date of either 1/1 or 12/31.
  • Please be aware that the Sales or Broker 10-Hour Post-Licensure Courses CANNOT be used to fulfill ANY OF YOUR THREE-YEAR Continuing Education Requirements. Proof of attendance of the post-licensure course must be submitted to the division within 12 months of initial licensure to avoid suspension.

A license status of revoked does not necessarily mean that the license was revoked due to disciplinary action. Please call the Division for further details if needed.


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Name and Address
Name and Address
Tanesha M Speed  Cleveland, OH 44124-1706 CuyahogaCleveland, OH 44124-1706 Cuyahoga

License Information
License Information
*USPAP Due pertains to Appraiser licenses only.
*Post Licensure Due and Post Licensure Received pertains to Real Estate sales and broker licenses only.
LicenseLicense TypeFirst IssuanceLast License IssuedEffective DateExpiration DateStatusStatus ReasonCE Due*USPAP DUE*Post Licensure Due*Post Licensure Received
SAL.2006003096Real Estate Salesperson06/09/200601/31/202008/04/202108/03/2024ACTIVENORMAL08/03/2024 06/09/200705/14/2007

Supervisor Information
Supervised By
Employer File NumberEmployer StatusEmployer NameEmployer Doing Business AsEffective DateExpiration Date
REC.2002014655ACTIVEThe Murwood Real Estate Group, LLCGreater Metropolitan07/01/202406/30/2025

Continuing Education
Courses Completed
Course NameCourse NumberCourse HoursCourse TimeCourse DateProviderStatus
Your Credit Histroy980100202E 211.0012:00 10/07/2021Century 21 Homestar (Online)Active
Spooky Things Which Can Bury a Deal969101002E 212.0008:00 10/07/2021Continuing Educational Services, LLC (Online)Active
Mold MythsN75100404E 201.0012:00 10/01/2021Inspection Tech: Rocky RiverActive
Top 10 Secrets to Working with BuyersP92100410E 202.0012:00 09/16/2021Century 21 Homestar, 21 Mike TeamActive
Prospecting203100411E 202.0013:30 06/10/2021MLS NowActive
Appraisals and Determining Value969100602E 212.0008:00 06/03/2021Continuing Educational Services, LLC (Online)Active
DocuSign, the Easy Alternative to DotLoopP92100510E 201.0012:00 01/30/2021Century 21 Homestar, 21 Mike TeamActive
What Everyone Should Know About Their Credit History913102612E 202.0009:00 01/01/2021McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Helping Buyers Narrow in on Their Dream Home913102412E 202.0009:00 01/01/2021McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
JMan's Tech Tools913103007E 203.0009:00 01/01/2021McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Listing Agreements913103412E 213.0009:00 01/01/2021McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
A Day in the Life of a Buyer Agent913100111E 193.0009:00 01/01/2021McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Educating Sellers913101312E 192.0009:00 01/01/2021McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Current Core Laws in Ohio913101912D 203.0009:00 01/01/2021McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Ohio Ethics: Canons & Code Together913100711C 193.0009:00 01/01/2021McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Ohio Civil Rights913102212G 203.0009:00 01/01/2021McKissock, LLC (Online)Active
Building Your Business with Digital Marketing & Social MediaN02900207E 181.0013:00 06/06/2019First American Title Insurance Company: DublinActive
Attracting Online Consumers: Listings and Syndication917801503E 163.0001:00 08/03/2018The CE Shop LLC (Online)Active
Ethics: The Canons and the Code462800901C 163.0010:30 07/31/2018First American Title Insurance Company: AkronActive
Core Law Update 3 Hour Course731800312D 163.0009:00 07/23/2018Tuxedo Training Real Estate SchoolActive
Civil Rights Mark Twain731800212G 163.0013:00 07/23/2018Tuxedo Training Real Estate SchoolActive
Understanding Credit ReportingJ35800101E 162.0012:30 02/14/2018Credit Repair ResourcesActive
Prospecting203800712E 172.0013:30 02/07/2018MLS NowActive
Managing Your Business with DotloopL59700305E 162.0010:00 08/17/2017Creative Key Services, LLCActive
Business Planning Clinic: Part 1600600210E 164.0009:0012/01/2016Keller Williams Greater MetropolitanActive
Business Planning Clinic: Part 2600600310E 164.0013:0012/01/2016Keller Williams Greater MetropolitanActive
Home Loan Toolkit - Understanding the Guide459601004E 162.0010:0010/11/2016Howard Hanna Mortgage ServicesActive
FSBOs & Expireds530601808E 152.0013:00 03/30/2016Howard Hanna Real Estate ServicesActive
Certified New Home Specialist - Live Rally681600101E 163.0009:00 02/25/2016Dennis Walsh & Associates, Inc.Active
Mortgage Loan Documents422500702E 152.0010:00 08/03/2015Continuing Educational Services, LLCActive
Realist: Using Tax Data203500110E 142.0009:00 07/22/2015MLS NowActive
Representing the Seller576501601E 143.0009:00 07/21/2015Cutler & Associates, Inc.Active
Core Law: Agency530503001D 153.0013:00 07/09/2015Howard Hanna Real Estate ServicesActive
Civil Rights422501302G 153.0009:45 07/06/2015Continuing Educational Services, LLCActive
OHFA LoansH78501006E 141.0013:15 07/06/2015First Federal of LakewoodActive
Today's MLS: New Paradigms: Better Results917500812E 133.0009:0001/01/2015The CE Shop LLC (Online)Active
Roadmap to Success: Business Planning for Real Estate Professionals917501212E 133.0009:0001/01/2015The CE Shop LLC (Online)Active
Complying with the Canon: Ohio Real Estate Licensee Ethics917502512C 153.0009:0001/01/2015The CE Shop LLC (Online)Active
Selling to Your Sphere of Influence917502612E 153.0009:0001/01/2015The CE Shop LLC (Online)Active
Listing Leadership530403306E 142.0010:00 07/31/2014Howard Hanna Real Estate ServicesActive
Customer-Focused Selling530401703E 132.0010:00 07/10/2014Howard Hanna Real Estate ServicesActive
Understanding Appraisals459300503E 122.0010:00 07/18/2013Howard Hanna Mortgage ServicesActive
Mortgage Trivia - FHA/VA459300402E 121.0010:00 05/09/2013Howard Hanna Mortgage ServicesActive
Time Management530201701E 102.0010:00 12/05/2012Howard Hanna Real Estate ServicesActive
Multi-Generational Marketing530202402E 111.0010:00 07/11/2012Howard Hanna Real Estate ServicesActive
Agency402201212D 123.00 06/07/2012Hondros College, Inc.Active
Civil Rights Update402201112G 123.00 06/07/2012Hondros College, Inc.Active
Canons of Ethics Online902200201C 103.0009:0001/01/2012Hondros College (Online)Active
Mortgage Trivia (3Hr)459100305E 093.0010:00 03/09/2011Howard Hanna Mortgage ServicesActive
Risk Management - Core Law530003101D 093.0010:00 12/01/2010Howard Hanna Real Estate ServicesActive
Comparing Purchase Agreements530006404E 102.0010:00 08/05/2010Howard Hanna Real Estate ServicesActive
Credit Reports & Credit Scores422003409E 092.0011:00 07/15/2010Continuing Educational Services, LLCActive
Short Sales & Foreclosures101006007E 096.0009:0003/08/2010Ohio RealtorsActive
Short Sales & Foreclosures530004301E 102.0010:00 02/23/2010Howard Hanna Real Estate ServicesActive
Getting to WOW - Service Excellence530002101E 092.0012:30 02/23/2010Howard Hanna Real Estate ServicesActive
Understanding the Short Sale530903501E 091.0009:30 07/28/2009Howard Hanna Real Estate ServicesActive
Wet Basements: How to Prevent and CorrectH48900106E 092.0011:00 07/15/2009Brian GiallombardoActive
Mortgage Location Surveys374900102E 091.00 07/15/2009McSteen & AssociatesActive
Rapattoni Prospecting203900203F 092.0013:30 07/09/2009MLS NowActive
Civil Rights530901201G 093.0013:0006/22/2009Howard Hanna Real Estate ServicesActive
Risk Management159901303D 093.0010:0006/17/2009Property Professionals of Northeast OhioActive
The Art of Negotiation: The Right Idea530900701E 082.0013:00 05/18/2009Howard Hanna Real Estate ServicesActive
Canons of Ethics402900601C 093.0014:3002/25/2009Hondros College, Inc.Active
Advanced Home Staging Concepts104801209E 082.0014:00 11/03/2008Akron Cleveland Association of RealtorsActive
Residential Relocation Specialist 530807111E 065.0009:00 10/23/2008Howard Hanna Real Estate ServicesActive
The Housing Rescue and Foreclosure Bill422802709E 082.0011:00 10/22/2008Continuing Educational Services, LLCActive
FSBO- The Forgotten Consumer 530808311E 062.0010:00 10/16/2008Howard Hanna Real Estate ServicesActive
The Housing Rescue and Foreclosure Bill422802709E 082.0011:00 10/16/2008Continuing Educational Services, LLCActive
Dominating the Listing Market530800904E 083.0009:00 05/12/2008Howard Hanna Real Estate ServicesActive

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